N I S H is a Cape Town based Furniture design studio. N I S H creates contemporary, elegant and progressive designs that salute the contradiction between the quest for perfection and the imperfections inherent in using natural materials and skilled human craftsmanship. Inspired by the actuality that our pieces will adapt and form an essence unique to the environment and person that takes them on.


Founder and Creative Director | Tanisha Neill
  Tanisha Neill, the founder and creative director of N I S H, seamlessly blends her diverse artistic background with her passion for design. Prior to entering the design world, she found her creative outlet in classical ballet and contemporary dance, where she honed her sense of aesthetics, rhythm, and storytelling through movement.
With a background and industry experience in Interior Design and a Master's degree in Design Innovation and Product Design, Tanisha brings a unique perspective to her work due to her multidimensional creativity.
Tanisha's designs embody a harmonious fusion of movement, beauty, and functionality. With her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to using solid materials and skilled human craftsmanship, each creation is not only aesthetically pleasing but also timeless and durable.


Founder and Creative Director of N I S H - Tanisha Neill